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UAE commits to rebuilding 2 churches destroyed by ISIS in Iraq

The Muslim-majority United Arab Emirates announced plans this week to help rebuild two Christian churches destroyed by the Islamic State and said it's the first national government in the world to help rebuild Christian churches in postwar Iraq.  The UAE has expanded its collaboration with a United Nations initiative called Revive the Spirit of Mosul. The initiative is an international effort to reconstruct Iraq’s once second-largest city ravaged by the Islamic State’s reign of destruction in the Nineveh region.

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  • Someone’s always watching

    Terry Brubaker was driving near Gloversville, New York, when she saw $20, $50, and $100 bills flying into her windshield like confetti. She pulled over and began collecting the money, which amounted to roughly $6,600.

  • The NBA is a spineless little bully

    Arrests, brutal interrogations, imprisonments, disruption of meetings, beatings, destroying of “unauthorized” Bible and Christian books are increasingly common. Yet none of this stopped the NBA from bringing its teams to China and working with major Chinese companies for corporate sponsorships. After all, money talks!

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Andrew Brunson considered suicide in Turkish prison as he felt betrayed by God

Spending 735 days detained in Turkey before being released last year thanks to United States diplomatic pressure, North Carolina missionary Andrew Brunson became somewhat of a hero in the eyes of many American evangelicals for standing strong in his faith despite the persecution. 

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