What is new?

We have switched to a new commenting platform, Viafoura, to give users a better experience while commenting on stories. With the new platform, you can receive custom notifications and follow topics, reporters and other users. Just login using your email or social media accounts like Facebook, Google, and Linkedin.

What is the bell-shaped button?

The bell-shaped floating button in the bottom right corner of your screen helps you to open/close the tray where you can see the replies to your comments, the topics you follow and more.

How can I receive desktop notifications?

To receive desktop push notification, a sign up option is available at the top of the tray. Select “Activate Now” to start receiving notification.

What do I need to sign up or login?

You can now sign up or login using multiple social media accounts or by simply using your email. No sign up or login is required for just viewing comments.

How can I comment?

Only those who are signed up can post a comment. So, first log in, type your content and click “Post.”

How can I follow topics, reporters or other users?

To do this, simply select the “Follow” button that is next to the section front or the reporter's name or other user's name. Once you start following, you will receive a notification in your tray whenever there is a new article published under that topic or by that reporter. You will also receive a notification if a user you follow has posted a comment.

What does the number next to the speech balloon indicate?

The number next to the speech balloon under the article headline shows the number of people commenting/talking about that particular story.

What are Active Conversations?

The Active Conversations module on the website shows the stories that are highly discussed by users.

What is the Feed tab?

The Feed tab in your floating tray provides the running list of topics and reporters you follow so that you do not miss an update.

What is the Profile tab?

The Profile tab in your floating tray allows you to access your profile and see the list of articles that you commented on. You can also see the number of people who liked your comments and users who are following you.

What is the Community tab?

The Community tab in your floating tray shows you the list of topics or reporters or users you are following. To unfollow any of these, just select “X” on the right.

What is the tray?

The tray is off-screen when not in use, but you can pull it out anytime by clicking on the floating tray button present at the bottom right corner of your screen. You will see all your updates here and also manage the list of topics or reporters or users that you follow. You can also see the list of articles that you commented on recently.

How do I know when other users reply to my comments?

You will be notified when other users reply to your comments. These notifications can be found inside your floating tray’s “Feed” tab. You can always turn off the notifications by making changes in your “Profile” tab.

How do I turn on/off notifications?

You can be notified about breaking news and about topics or reporters you follow. You’ll want to turn these on by clicking the Activate Now or Try Again link that you see near the top of your tray.

What are the badges next to usernames?

The little icons tell you more about a user. The green M refers to site moderators; the blue badge refers to users who have earned a trusted status; and the purple badge refers to comments that are marked as top comments by the page moderators.

What happens if I or the moderator deletes a comment that has replies below it?

In this case, the original comment will be replaced with a “CONTENT DISABLED” banner. However, the replies made on this content by other users will still remain and be visible to others.

What if I am banned?

There are varying degrees of commenting bans for users who infringe the commenting guidelines. Once banned, you will no longer be able to post comments. A notification along with the reason for the ban will appear as a message under the login button when you try to login the next time.