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  • Turning chemicals into code

    With refreshing honesty, he continued, “I cannot see personally how DNA could have been there at the beginning. After all, it requires the cell to enable it and to reproduce, and it requires the cell also to correct errors in that reproduction and replication process.”

  • Don’t define the finish line

    We will never expand our capabilities until we are pushed to and brought face-to-face with our breaking point. And we may never truly experience the full power of God until we step way out of our comfort zone and cannot see the finish line.

  • Why can’t a parent marry their adult child?

    On April 5, 2007, Time Magazine asked the question, “Should Incest Be Legal?” Three years later, when Columbia University professor David Epstein was arrested for a three-year, consensual affair with his adult daughter, his attorney noted, “It’s OK for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different? We have to figure out why some behavior is tolerated and some is not.”

  • Will you pay the price for a national awakening?

    My brief exhortation drove home the fact that America crossed a dangerous line years ago. Instead of repenting and turning back to God, we have walked further into the deep waters of ungodliness. The decadence and brutality in our streets are unparalleled in our history. Despair and depression reign in our land. But — believe it or not — I am hopeful.

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ORU coach Paul Mills sees the basketball court as his mission field

The Oral Roberts University’s men’s basketball team shocked the nation and shattered tournament brackets with its March Madness “Cinderella" run to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1974. However, ORU head coach Paul Mills was not shocked that his team made it so far in the NCAA Tournament.

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