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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Human rights groups in India say they have documented over 300 incidents of Christian persecution in just the first nine months of 2021, warning that this year might be the worst in terms of the number of such incidents in the country’s history.

Here's a list of three events that happened this week in Christian history. They include the first ordination of a female pastor in the Northern Presbyterian Church, Protestant Geneva executing a heretic, and Honorius I becoming pope.

A recent road trip across Baden-Württemberg, a state in Southwest Germany, took me to old monasteries and churches. Reminders of the history are everywhere, including in the religious fabric of Southwest Germany. Unlike other parts of the country, where Lutheranism came to dominate after the Reformation, adherents of the old religion still make up a plurality in Baden-Württemberg.

How should Christians respond to the thorny problem of spousal abuse in Christian marriages? Cindy Burrell, founder of and author of "Reformulating the Christian Marriage Counseling Model Where Abuse Is Involved," unpacks the dynamics of abuse in relationships and how the Church can help extend the hope of the Gospel to victims and not enable further harm.

When considering what Jesus said and thinks, our attitude makes all the difference. Any time we find ourselves saying, “Jesus didn’t say you can’t …” is a good time to take inventory of our motives and make sure that we are really wanting what God wants and not merely trying to justify doing what we want.

"We, in the last four or five hundred years, have colluded with division down ethnic lines without even realizing just how unbiblical we were being."