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  • How do I financially prepare my child for college?

    I’ve tried to prepare my daughter to handle money responsibly while she’s away at college. But, I’m concerned that peer pressure and the stress of classes will throw her off track.

  • Should I postpone my honeymoon?

    I want to plan a honeymoon for my autumn wedding. But, with student loans and car debt, I know I should not use a credit card or deplete my savings that way. Should we just wait or not worry since it is the only honeymoon we plan to ever take?

  • A SMarT way to boost your saving and investing

    Today's American workers are being forced to shoulder a much higher level of responsibility regarding their retirement finances than past generations.

  • The cost of kids

    I am engaged to a man who recently declared he would prefer we not have children. He believes the rising cost of living will prohibit our ability to adequately provide for more than ourselves.

  • Christians must be aware of what their investments are funding

    Does she realize the voluntary contribution she makes to her 401(k) plan is being invested in companies that promote many of the evil practices she fights so hard against?

  • Foundational pillars of Christian stewardship

    The Bible has a lot to say about money. With more than 2,350 verses devoted to it, it's one of the most heavily discussed topics in Scripture.

  • 4 options for budgeting online

    Budgeting is cool. Well, at least cooler than it used to be, now that people can manage their personal finances via websites and mobile apps.